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Mommie & Me Event Ticket

Mommie & Tea Event Ticket

Vannah-Tea is more than just a tea-boutique and social planning firm. We’re a team who incorporates lifestyle management, essential oils/wellness, all while over a cup of tea.In addition to the creative capacity to engage women, children and men alike, we offer an outlet to execute stellar networking opportunities: mixed with class, charm and charisma. What makes us different? We listen to you,we give you social clubs, divine teas, and an opportunity to experience tea parties with a flare. While at our tea parties, we transform environments with our mix of solutions that integrate lighting, furnishings, linens and floral design—and we work with some of the best designers, fabricators and chefs in the business to bring experiences to life. We see our partners as more than just collaborators — our friends.

Join one of our upcoming events which expose you to etiquette social classes, lifestyle management and an opportunity to engage with wellness experts from across the world. Each Mommie & Tea event gives an experience for Mommies to expose daughters to social excellence, lifestyle wellness and a newness to everyday living…buy your tickets today!
*Children must be 10 years of age and up


Saturday Feb.13, 2016. 2-5 pm.
Location: Vannah-Tea Studios 212 - 828 Ralph McGill Blvd. Atlanta GA.
Tickects are $60.00 ($45 for mother and $15 for daughter)